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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions


This website is designed, developed and maintained by Dastaveja Services Private Limited. The information on this website is provided by Dastaveja Services Private Limited. The Site is owned by DASTAVEJA SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED; a private limited company incorporated in accordance with the provisions of Indian Companies Act, 2013. This website consists of various pages all of which are prepared, handled and managed by dastaveja services private limited. When using the Website, it is assumed that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use unconditionally.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions please immediately terminate your use of the Website.

We expect You to further read and understand the Privacy Policy which would be treated as a part of this Agreement before using the services so offered by Us. Before using the services rendered through this website, You are requested to read and understand the Terms of Service specified herein.


  1. Not Legally Authorized from any government department Authority  is not legally authorized for any government department nor agent in any manner. provides only services for Creating Documents and depositing it to Relevant government departments (on your behalf). We are not liable for the completion of the case; also we are not involved in any illegal service. If you undertake any legal issues through the website’s legal document service, you represent yourself and does not represent you in any such issues.


  1. Not a Legal Advice

The information contained in the website should not be considered as a legal advice. Information provided is to guide only. If there is any doubt about relevant documents, the user should check with the concerned department or source and seek professional advice. The information provided in the FAQs section also should not be considered as a legal advice. Users are advised to consult Relevant government departments if they need specialized and proper guidance on any of these documents.


  1. General Information to Common Man

Since the law changes frequently and various revisions are done to the different laws of the country, any information provided by should not be relied upon as legal advice and cannot guarantee that all the information available on the website is current and correct. The website provides only general information to help a common man . So, if you require up to date advice you must consult to Relevant government departments even if you take the help of information .


  1. Limitation of Liability will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special consequential or damages in connection with this documents or the services in any manner. Dastaveja Services Private Limited will not be liable for any costs, losses, adverse effects or losses incurred while using this website.

You explicitly understand and accept that shall not be liable to You under any agreement, direct or indirect; incidental or consequential damages that may be incurred by You through Your use of Our services so offered by


  1. Notarial Service do NOT provide Notarial Services, connect the Customers as per their request to the Notary Public/Attestation Officer and charge the fee accordingly. If any dispute found in the Documents provided for Notarized then and Concerned Notary Public will not be responsible for the same, it will be the solely responsibility of the Customers. Also, Notary Public hold the power to reject the attestation if they find any issue in the content of the concern Document and in such cases attestation will not be process and will not be liable/responsible for such rejection. If Customer is choosing Notarial Service from our Website then they are also agreeing with the terms and conditions provided above.


  1. Disclaimer of Lawyer-Client Relationship

The website  is neither a law firm nor an agent of any lawyer and does not provide any legal advice. The use of the services of the website by you does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and


  1. NO Attorney- Client relationship

The use of this Site does not result into any creation of an attorney – client relationship. The acts which do not create an attorney client relationship include but are not limited to:

  1. Any transmission or receipt of any kind of information on the website;
  2. Any act of sending e-mails to;
  • Any response of your e mail query or your e mail communication by;
  1. Any commercial relationship between and the viewer or user.


  1. Disclaimer from Damages due to Technical Errors

You agree that shall not be liable to you for any termination discontinuance modification or suspension of service. is not responsible for any loss of data resulting from accidental or deliberate deletion, network or system outages, backup failure, file corrupted or any other reasons.


  1. Link to Other Websites and Linking Disclaimer

Any Third party content that may appear on our website or those which may be accessed through any links in our website are not the responsibility of So shall not be responsible nor liable for any mistakes, omissions, falsehood, pornography, obscenity, and misstatements of law, slander, libel, defamation or any other content against the principles of law. has no control on the content of any third party websites which are exclusively the thoughts and ideas of the third party sites and not of Any claim arising due to the use of such linked websites resulting in damages, is wholly disclaimed by


  1. Illegal, Unlawful and Prohibited Use Banned

users not to use not our website in the following ways:

  1. For any unlawful or illegal purposes;
  2. For any prohibited purposes as under the website’s terms and conditions;
  • To cause any repair or damage or to disable or impair the website;
  1. All the forms, legal documents and all contents found on the website are protected by copyrights Act and intellectual property Act and hence you have no right to resell any content of this website. Any such unlawful or prohibited use of the website shall be liable for legal action against you;
  2. If we found any one is trying to hack or misbehaving with then will take legal action against such persons;
  3. Promote or convey provocative or prohibited contents which is illegal and harmful and that induces a conduct which is unlawful, defamatory, obscene, racial, offensive, pornographic or culturally offensive or otherwise reasonably and is likely to generate such conduct;
  • Indulge in identity theft, unauthorized advertising using account;
  • Upload or transmit any similar applications including viruses, worms or other malicious code or programs designed to harm other computers or telecommunication devices;
  1. Restrict or restrain any other person from using the Site or the Services;
  2. Indulge in criminal or terrorist activity against any nation or society; or cause any threat or harassment to any person or public as a whole;
  3. The Terms specified herein restrict the use of this “Site” by minors and those who do not have capacity to enter into a valid commercial contract.
  • Violate this Agreement or encourage or assist anyone else to violate this Agreement.
  • If You are found to be abusing our services for any illegal purposes, reserves the right to disconnect Your account and ban You from further use of our services.


  1. Copyrights And Intellectual Property rights

You agree that nothing contained in this agreement shall taken as conferring any license or right by any implication or otherwise under the copyright or Intellectual property rights. You agree and understand that all content in the website and the website as a whole are protected by copyright, trademark, service marks, patents or other proprietary rights and laws. Hence you have no right to copy, extract and use this content without express authorization from Contact before copying anything from the website with plans of reproducing it or distributing it.


  1. Dispute Resolution By Binding Arbitration

If any dispute arises please send a mail to us at mentioning your details and we shall resolve your issue. But if is not able to resolve it for you even after numerous attempts made to resolve it, including mediation process, then we, both parties, shall agree to resolve such dispute through binding Arbitration, instead of approaching courts. The arbitration shall be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of India. The decision of the Arbitrator shall be binding on both the parties. Any modification in the Arbitration clause shall be informed to you by sending a notice of change.


  1. General conditions
  2. Force Majeure – will not be deemed in default hereunder or held responsible for any cessation, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder due to earthquake, flood, fire, storm, natural disaster, act of God, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labour strike, lockout, lockdown, or boycott.
  3. Cessation of Operation – may at any time, in its sole discretion and without advance notice to you, cease operation of the Website.
  • Termination – reserves the right to terminate your access to the Website if it reasonably believes, in its sole discretion, that you have breached any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Following termination, you will not be permitted to use the Website and may, in its sole discretion and without advance notice to you, cancel any outstanding request for Services. If your access to the Website is terminated, reserves the right to exercise whatever means it deems necessary to prevent unauthorized access of the Website. This Agreement will survive indefinitely unless and until chooses, in its sole discretion and without advance to you, to terminate it.


  1. Protection of Personal Information
  2. All aspects related to the collection of personal information from You, at the time of registering with “Us”, shall be according to the “Privacy Policy” of “” which shall be read as a part of this Agreement.
  3. We respect your privacy and assure You that the information collected from You will be used only to provide You our services.
  • Such personal information shall not be made available to any third party.


  1. Modifications in Terms and Conditions / Reserved Rights reserves the right to change or revise the terms and conditions at any time by posting any changes or a revised on this Website. The changed or revised information will be effective immediately after it is posted on this Website. Your use of the Website following the posting any such changes or of a revised information will constitute your acceptance of any such changes or revisions. You are required to read and understand the existing Terms of Service every time before using the services offered by Us. reserves the following rights:

  1. To suspend or terminate the account of anyone who violates this Agreement;
  2. To change or alter the Site, the form and nature of the Site or any Services provided through the Site;
  • To review, modify, filter, disable, delete and remove any and all content and information from the Site;
  1. To update and download automatically any software provided on or through the Site;


  1. Fees provides its services with nominal fees for each document which may vary from time to time.


  1. Refund Policy

if you cancel our subscription plan then 75% of your remaining amount will be refunded. you can cancel your subscription within 7 days only. If you cancel subscription plan within 7 days only then you will receive remaining amount after 15 to 30 days of cancellation date of subscription. After 7 days of subscription we are not liable to any refund in any manner.


  1. Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us, Our Privacy Policy is included under the scope of this User Agreement. believes strongly in protecting user privacy. will take reasonable precautions to protect the information it obtains from You from our loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure or use, or alteration or destruction, of that information. However, will have no liability to You or any third party provided that such reasonable precautions are taken.

Please refer to privacy policy, incorporated by reference herein, which is posted on the Website.

  1. Incorporation of policies

Privacy Policy referred to in this Agreement constitutes an integral part of this Agreement and are incorporated herein by this reference.

  1. Agreement Between Users and

By using this Website or availing Services, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be all terms and conditions on this Website.

Privacy Policy referred to in this Agreement constitutes an integral part of this Agreement and are incorporated herein by this reference.